JrDebugLogger v.1.01.10

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JrDebugLogger consists of a set of Open Source (cross-platform) c++ header files that you can add to your applications in order to support advanced debug-logging, and an optional Microsoft Windows application for capturing debug messages in real time and allowing you to view/sort/search them in an efficient manner.


NEWS 2/10/05 - A major new version is almost ready for release, with the following features:

  • A variety of flexible output formats including html, xml,csv, etc. (PREVIEW NOW).
  • Completely redesigned system for interfacing with output formatters.
  • Even smaller (totally insignificant) footprint when debug compiling is turned off.
  • More Unit Testing support structures.
  • Better handling of nested activities.
  • More powerful commandline parsing and option setting.
  • GUI Debug Viewer tool will have an alternate hierarchical display of messages more suitable for nested activities (like unit tests)
  • New GUI tool for conduction unit tests in a very elegant manner.
  • Download an early preview release now (doesnt include viewer and other tools).

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